So at last I am back in the UK after an extended stay ‘down under’ on the Gold Coast visiting family and friends. I had intended reporting back on the new people I was meeting but unfortunately circumstances didn’t allow for me to do that so I am using today to catch up on what was missed. Apart from meeting the author Ally Blake I met quite a few other writers which was great, as well as linking up with fellow SCBWI (Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators) Members from the Gold Coast, Queensland area.

It is surprising where some writers go to offer their books for sale. Two of them I met at a local market/craft fair across the road from one of the places I was visiting. Mind you it was warm so sitting outside for a few hours wasn’t too bad. As one of these writers wrote stories about their dog she had her pet on the stall with her which certainly proved to be an attraction and drew the crowds to her stall.

Despite the size of Australia it is surprising the number of writing groups there are in the country, especially arounf the Gold Coast. One long standing group was The Ten Penners. They started out as a group of ten like-minded writers in 2004 and have developed their group since. The ladies I met proved to be warm and welcoming and were delighted to meet a fellow author.

Ally Blake I met at one of her workshops (see the previous blog Ally Blake Workshop 8th August). She writes for Mills & Boon and has just released book number 36. She is a well-recognised speaker and her events (I am told) are always well attended.

The other authors I met via a local SCBWI group meeting. They meet once a month at a local coffee shop to share ideas and up-date each other on what is happening in their individual writing worlds. Much the same as we do here in Cardiff where I live. Again I was made most welcome and it proved to be an interesting afternoon. Remember, if you are ever away from home always check for a local writers group or your societies meeting group as people will usually let you join in and will make you feel welcome.

And so, now I am back, it’s time to get into the swing of things once again. I am seeing my publisher regarding the release of the final books in the Little Friends Picture Book Series and will be discussing what comes next. I have even started making a list of the things I want to achieve. Maybe the break away from all things writing has refreshed me? Who knows? Only time will tell.

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